EOAT Competence

Natural Born Customer Oriented

Competence, experience, technical skills and dedicated tools identify Gimatic on the EOAT market. Our qualified staff sustained by our competence centers, always on growing to reach any single customer worldwide, is able to provide any kind of End of Arm Tools by the support of local and global competence, designed with the latest releases of Cad project tools, locally assembled and, upon request installed too.


  • We produce and assemble always based on CAD drawings.
  • We supply EOAT and according equipment, ready interface Robot-side including electrical interfaces and sensoric.
  • Wiring and pneumatical setup following your technical specifications.
  • We are designing based on profiles, or plates.
  • Installation service and maintenance over the Gimatic global network.
  • Documentation, CAD files, pneumatical electrical planning and risk analysis.
  • Skilled saleforce who provide solutions, not just components.

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Gimatic global manufacturing network can manage the EOAT projects characterized by different engineering, manufacturing and installation locations. In particular, Gimatic can guarantee the project management continuity when the EOAT should be manufactured in the same country of the moldmaker to allow the trial execution before shipment and the installation in another one. IMPORTANCE OF THE EOAT QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE EOAT, as several production tools, are often considered as “priority 2” items in the Purchase Step, but their quality, performance and service characteristics give big competitive advantage on the production process efficiency values: 1) WORLDWIDE LOCAL SERVICE 20 subsidiaries and 30 dealers located worldwide, to support locally all the EOAT manufacturing steps (design, assembly, trial with molds, installation), even if they are executed in different countries and through mold maker interface. 2) INTERNATIONALIZATION Post sales service located and standardized worldwide, to support the customer also after eventual production equipment transfer. Products catalogue in 18 languages. 3) TRACEABILITY AND DATA MANAGEMENT RFID and mold monitoring to keep production data under control, to prevent production stop or slowdown (predictive maintenance), to avoid crashes (poka-yoke), to speed up the robot programming and the spare parts ordering process.