Our History



Gimatic Srl is founded:

Three friends decide to combine their different potential and experience to create a dynamic new context. A context that, even through the era of globalisation, will stay true to the values of a “family” business as it evolves over time.

  • 1986

    First patent

    1986The first pneumatic gripper (PB) is created and Gimatic registers its first patent. A lot of products will born after this , such as two and three jaw parallel grippers, 2 jaw radial gripper, linear and rotary actuators, linear electric guides, linear motor… ..

  • 1987

    Investment in the electronic field

    Already a star player on the handling market, Gimatic decides to invest in electronics to increase its competitiveness. It therefore develops magnetoresistive, electronic and shock sensors.


  • 1996

    Change from limited liability to joint-stock company

    The company gains structure and the change in its legal status becomes essential.

  • 1997

    Move to new headquarters


    Gimatic staff grows and the company moves to a 2000 square metre establishment.


  • 2001

    The first Plastics catalogue is produced

    Looking firmly to the future, Gimatic decides to take a stance on the plastics market, collaborating actively with manufacturers and installers of machines for moulding plastic materials. Gimatic specializes also in the production of vacuum cups (flat and bellow), pneumatic nippers, air hands, End of Arm Tooling (EOAT)… .

  • 2003

    The first commercial branch is opened

    Gimatic expands not only in terms of activities but also territorially and does that by opening the first commercial branch based in Novara.


  • 2008

    Move to the current headquarters

  • 2012

    The advent of Mechatronics


    The eye on the future today takes the form of Gimatic’s active interest in the electric actuator market. In the year 2012 were born the first mechatronics products, such as two and three jaw electric parallel grippers and electric actuators. In the year 2013 have been designed others: electric angular grippers, radial electric grippers, parallel electric grippers with long stroke, linear electric guides, electric motor…


  • 2013

    The succession of Gimatic

    On the 30th November 2013 Gimatic SpA was sold to the Xenon Private Equity holding company. The Gimatic group had showed in the last years growth rates above the average. Gimatic has founded subsidiaries in foreign countries and should be follow others in the nearest future. Therfore the mechatronic specialist pursues the goal of a rapid internationalization, which will be actively supported and attended by Xenon.

  • 2016

    The advent of AGIC


    In June 2016 the majority of Gimatic Srl’s shareholdings have been acquired by the private equity fund AGIC Capital. A purely financial acquisition, which has brought new lymph to the Company. This additional resource has increased the awareness of the Gimatic brand, without forgetting the traditional markets, starting from the Italian one.


  • 2017

    Competence Centers

    The opening of new branches, Gimatic Automation Engineering in Changshu, China, and Gimatic Balkan in Belgrade. The creation of these new subsidiaries as competence centers is meant to centralize the new experiences, for the technological relocation and training in advanced technologies.

  • 2018

    MTM Montini


    Gimatic takes over the Italian company MTM Montini, our strategic supplier for a long time. This operation enabled us to shorten the manufacturing times and satisfy better the requests made by our customers. Gimatic has also deposited new patents in the mechatronic division.


  • 2018

    Barnes group


    The American technologies and industrial products supplier, Barnes Group, completed the acquisition of Gimatic from its founder Giuseppe Bellandi and from the investment funds Agic Capital and Xenon Capital Partners. Barnes Group Inc is a global provider of highly engineered products, differentiated industrial technologies, and innovative solutions. Its specialized products and services are used in far-reaching applications including aerospace, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, and packaging.

  • 2019

    MTM Montini expansion


    Thanks to the high productivity, the company MTM Montini expands itself for 3000 square metres, reaching a total of 8000 square metres.


  • 2021

    Gimatic: Vacuum Solutions


    Gimatic expands product range with launch of vacuum product offering. New offering enables customers greater flexibility in designing optimal automation systems that aim to increase efficiency & productivity.