Gimatic expands its product range with the launch of products of the new vacuum technology division.

The new offering enables greater flexibility in designing custom automation systems to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and productivity.

Suction cups, vacuum pumps, sensors, and related accessories allow Gimatic’s customers to handle a broad variety of objects in various industrial sectors with low energy consumption and reduced downtime. Gimatic is a company that is part of the strategic automation business unit of Barnes Group Inc..
The Gimatic VG range of suction cups consists of about 900 products and includes high-quality materials such as double-hardness polyurethane, silicone (available in the FDA-compliant version for direct handling of unpackaged food), hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber (HNBR), and nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR). These synthetic rubbers are free of paint-wetting impairment substances (PWIS), making them ideal in applications where any contamination of the material must be avoided. Thanks to suction cup models suitable for the most demanding applications, we can guarantee a secure grip on uneven surfaces such as those of snacks and packaged bars. Gimatic suction cups are divided into 18 product families, each with specific characteristics that make them suitable for different sectors such as packaging, food, pharma, automotive, plastics, sheet metal, wood and glass.

The EJ range of cartridges and vacuum pumps consists of approximately 150 different items divided into 8 product families. Gimatic cartridges are available in 3 sizes, each offered in 3 different versions. They are extremely efficient, compact and lightweight and allow integration on board the machine – right where the vacuum is required – thus maximising the performance of the gripping system and reducing its energy consumption.            Gimatic vacuum pumps include manifolds in aluminium or POM and may integrate additional functions such as the automatic release of the object being handled without additional solenoid valves. In addition to suspensions, ball joints and vacuum actuators, the vacuum product range includes release systems, vacuum switches of different types that can be easily integrated on Gimatic vacuum pumps, and accessories such as vacuum filters.

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  • Gimatic expands product range with launch of vacuum product offering

  • Gimatic expands product range with launch of vacuum product offering

  • Gimatic expands product range with launch of vacuum product offering