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Dashboard Grasping

Automobile instrument panel is an important part of automobile interior. The modeling part of this part is complex. The surface of many products is also textured which cannot be picked out by vacuum cups. And there is also one bumper in this project that has to be picked out from cavity side. At present, it is a common problem to take parts of automobile plastic parts from cavity side.

How to use GIMATIC products solve them?
GIMATIC components are standardized products, which can be made into the most suitable shape according to the modeling of products. When the surface is textured, we can use OFR gripper at the edge of the product and cooperate with the front suction cup to hold the product out. In this case, even if the suction cup is not vaccumized, the product can be taken out smoothly. As for the problem of taking parts from cavity side, we will describe it separately in another Case.

Bumper Fixed Mold Part Picking

This project is to produce a series of interior and exterior decoration products for BMW’s new car. Among them, six products are front and rear bumpers of automobiles. Taking part from cavity side is a common difficulty for bumper which the demoulding force is very large, and the product is easily scratched.

How to use GIMATIC products solve them?
We used round aluminum pipes to build the frame of the EOAT which equipped with various clamping legs with a diameter of 30 or 20 mm. This ensures that the positions of all gripper can be adjusted universally. GIMATIC’s ZJ series products which Large clamping force, adjustable double stroke cylinder and simplified structure are very suitable for taking out from cavity side. GN series together with various large suction cups, has played a very good supporting role for the whole bumper.

High Precision Picking & Cutting EOAT

There are many sprues on each product, and the maximum number is 12 pieces. After picking out, sprues need to be cut on the same time. The shearing accuracy is 0.1mm.
How to use GIMATIC products solve them?
We use GIMATIC’s standard parts OFR to clamp products and support by 3D print part. The 3D printing part makes accurate profiling and positioning for the product shape, and the flocking surface on the 3D printing part effectively protects the high gloss surface of the product from scratches. There is soft pad on the gripper which protect the product surface. By this way, it can be ensured that the product will not change after the product is taken out.

IFAM 2020

11 Feb -13 Feb 2020

Pad: A2 Stand: 301A and 401A

Ljubljana, Slovenia


16 Jan – 20 Jan 2020

Pad: 3 Stand: G2-1

Mumbai, India