Our Industries


(1) Gimatic provides EOATs for plastic industry. While producing plastic parts by plastic injection process, it is necessary to use automation.
Gimatic provides components for EOAT as well as design and installation service. Gimatic has all product range to realize whole EOAT solution with pneumatic, vacuum, electrical and sensors, central 3D, 3L ,3M custom part service competences.
(1.1) For automotive industry EOATs are essential for reducing scraps and increasing productivity. Gimatic has global experience on lightings, bumpers, seats, conditioner, and all interior and exterior trims. Sometimes it is necessary to place inserts on the mold. Inserts can be metal, textile or other plastic, rubber material. Gimatic has dedicated products for insert placement.
(1.2) Gimatic provides best solutions for white good industry. There are many plastic parts on white goods like drum & cover, drum paddles, door for washing machines, detergent drawer for dishwasher and washing machines, upper plate, instrument panel for oven, air conditioner,
dishwasher and washing machines, vegetable drawers for fridge, etc. EOATs are also used for small home appliance like boiler, vacuum cleaner, hairdryer etc. as well as plastic containers which are used for storage the food. Garden furniture such as chairs, tables are also produced in plastic
injection with robots. Gimatic team is highly skilled in this market.
(1.3) There is an increasing trend in medical and pharma applications. In this market, parts are usually small and precise which means EOAT must
be very sophisticated. Gimatic has compact, low weight and various components to realize solutions.
(1.4) Gimatic team has a great experience on IML (in mold labeling) applications as well as plastic cutlery production. Automation is essential for
these applications since production speed must be very high.
(1.5) There are several markets which quality and production speed is important.
Gimatic supplies many EOATs for electronic market, such as TV, cell phone production.
In cosmetic & healthcare market there are several plastic parts, some of them should be picked by EOATs. Gimatic has experience also in this
market for the parts like shampoo caps, cream cases, makeup holders, etc.
Plastic pipe and fittings are produced with high cavity molds regarding to their size. Gimatic has great experience on placing metal insert, picking
parts from the mold and cutting sprue of these plastic fittings
Garbage bins, pallets, plastic cases are also produced in plastic injection machines. Robots speed up the process and avoid injuries due to heavy
load carriage on the operators.


(2) Gimatic provides grippers, vacuum products, linear and rotary actuators for automation.
(2.1) While choosing components for automated assembly and test machines, reliability, lifetime, speed, weight must be firstly considered. Gimatic components are reliable, have long lifetime, high speed and low weight. For high-speed machines, Gimatic has high speed grippers, for small areas Gimatic has compact grippers/actuators, for various parts Gimatic has long stroke grippers, for harsh environment Gimatic has heavy duty grippers.
(2.2) There is an increasing trend on automation of CNC machines. Automation decreases the cycle time and increases productivity and reduces accidents. Gimatic has several choices for loading/unloading CNC machines as well as dedicated grippers with IP67 protection against wet and dusty environments.
(2.3) On medical &pharma machines speed, precision and size of the grippers are important. Gimatic supplies standard and custom grippers for tube and vial handling for the inspection machines and lab automation and many other grippers for medical machines.
For clean room applications, Gimatic has special cover that can be added on all the electric grippers.
(2.4) Gimatic supplies several grippers for food and packaging market. Speed is the most critical factor for this market. Gimatic uses FDA-H1 food-grade grease.
(2.5) Gimatic has collaborative grippers, tool changer and dedicated kits to use with Cobots. It is possible to use pneumatic and electric grippers with cobots. There are manual tool changer kits for cobot, and automatic collaborative tool changer.
(2.6) There are various pick and place application which Gimatic products are in use.


(3) VACUUM: GIMATIC gimatic is specialized to provide solutions and components in order to satisfy the handling needs of a wide range of industries.

(3.1) FOOD AND PACKAGING: The GIMATIC’s solutions are ideal to respect the requirements of the food sector (FDA). Gimatic offers a wide range of vacuum pump and suction cups ideal for direct food picking (unpackaged food) and for handling snack (with rectangular suction cups), bags, pouches with various shape and weight. Moreover thanks to the internal knowlege, Gimatic can satisfy the specific need of the customers with custom solutions. The multistage vacuum pumps are very fast and are ideal for pick and place with robots (for example: PKM-Delta Robot). Gimatic has specific solution for applification of Palletizing, de-palletizing, mooving interlayer, handling food packs, etc.

(3.3) CARDBOARD: There are a lot of type of cardboard in the market and Gimatic has a dedicated product range for the various applications such as carton and box erector and interlayer. The suction cups in polyurethane can perfectly sealing on porous surface with the hishest level of wear resistance and the vacuum pumps are fast and dust approved thanks to the large through holes and automatic release and clean system.

(3.4) GLASS HANDLING: The HNBR and the NBR 60 Shore suction cups are the key products to solve the requirements of the glass industry: High temperature, mark free and high wear resistance. The vacuum pumps are robust and reliable to guarantee durability and maintenance free.
(3.5) OTHERS:
Gimatic can provide solution also for the Wood Industry where it is required high suction flow and suction cup for irregular surface. Hstorically Gimatic is the reference in the demolding plastic industry and now with the vacuum division can offer even more performing and unique solutions for all customers globally.
There are products for the Metal Sheet sector such as suction cup with special pattern and compatible with the
lubrication oils.
With the GIMATIC internal 3D printer is possible develop very light solution for the handling that integrate vacuum pumps, sensors, suction cups and interface with machines and robot.