Gimatic, the leader in industrial automation

Flexibility, skill and technology make Gimatic a leading global manufacturer of pneumatic and electric grippers for industrial automation.
Gimatic also designs and builds customized systems for clients' specific applications.



Pneumatic Automation

The handling catalogue concerning pneumatic components for general handling applications and offers a vaste range of products.


End of Robot Arm tools

Gimatic decided to actively collaborate with manufacturers and fitters of machines molding plastic materials and today offers a vaste range of products.



Electric automation

The new goal that Gimatic wants to reach today is to enter in the mechatronics market.



Position detection

Gimatic has decided to invest in the electronic field as it represents the future of the industrial handling.



EOAT (End Of Arm Tooling) solutions


Competence, experience, technical skills and dedicated tools identify Gimatic on the EOAT market. Our qualified staff sustained by our competence centers, always on growing to reach any single customer worldwide, is able to provide any kind of End of Arm Tools by the support of local and global competences, designed with the latest releases of Cad project tools, locally assembled and, upon request installed too.


New products







Thanks to its flexibility and its 30 years old experience, Gimatic can fully satisfy the requests of all the most innovative industrial sectors.





EOAT to handle interior and exterior automotive parts as well as on board customized sensors.

Tooling Automation


Pneumatic or electrical grippers and tool changers to suit industrial Robot & Cobot.

Food & Beverage


Solutions and materials food grade approved for the food industry.

Home Application


Light weight EOAT specified to handle home appliance plastics parts.

Pharma & Medical


Certified products for cleanroom applications in severe environment too.

Factory Automation


The traditional mix of slide units , grippers and rotary actuators for the mostly tipical industrial applications.

Over 30 years of Expansive innovation

Gimatic can rely on a well-organised, highly reliable capillary network of distributors and sister companies (19 in all, Italian and foreign), which is essential to guaranteeing a continuous flow of new products. It is a sales network that not only markets Gimatic products, but which also collects the user's requests and builds a specific solution for the given need.






People worldwide





Around Gimatic


Gimatic is the perfect painting of an "always on the move" company, ready to churn out new products in each its division.
Flexibility, expertise, cutting-edge technologies on design, developing and offer of specific solutions for any kind of application.