Dashboard Grasping


Automobile instrument panel is an important part of automobile interior. The modeling part of this part is complex. The surface of many products is also textured which cannot be picked out by vacuum cups. And there is also one bumper in this project that has to be picked out from cavity side. At present, it is a common problem to take parts of automobile plastic parts from cavity side.

How Gimatic AUTOMATION ENGINEERING (CHANGSHU) CO., LTD solved the problem using Gimatic products?

GIMATIC components are standardized products, which can be made into the most suitable shape according to the modeling of products. When the surface is textured, we can use OFR gripper at the edge of the product and cooperate with the front suction cup to hold the product out. In this case, even if the suction cup is not vaccumized, the product can be taken out smoothly. As for the problem of taking parts from cavity side, we will describe it separately in another Case.