Special cutting station for plastic parts for automotive

Gimatic delivers many sprue cutting stations every year as well as EOATs, all over the world.

Sprue cutting process can be on the EOAT before placing parts on the conveyor, or sprue cutters can be placed on the conveyor and parts can be carried to the cutters by the same robot which is used for picking parts from injection machine. Sometimes it may not be possible with these two methods. In this case it is necessary to add another process for sprue cutting by creating a dedicated cutting station.

Gimatic Romania has designed a special cutting station for Novares which is a manufacturer of plastic parts for automotive.

It is important to realize supports with precise machining to fix parts correctly and to guarantee staying inside tolerances. Creating soft touch and non marking surfaces help us not to damage plastic parts. Detecting parts and sensors to monitor system, safety barriers to get operators work safe and many other factors let us reach the success.