Gimatic: One Gripper, Two Challenges, Unmatched Efficiency


A very famous automotive manufacturer needed a single gripper solution for their production line.

They required the gripper to perform two distinct tasks:

  • High-precision extraction and cutting of delicate products: This involved carefully extracting products from molds without damaging them and precisely cutting attached sprues.
  • Cutting of high-hardness products: This demanded a robust and powerful cutting system for tougher materials.

Traditional limitations:

Typically, achieving both delicate handling and forceful cutting would require separate grippers, disrupting production flow and increasing costs.

Gimatic’s Solution:

Leveraging our expertise in product innovation and customized gripper design, Gimatic devised a unique solution.

A single, versatile EOAT gripper: This innovative gripper could be seamlessly switched between two operating modes:

  • Delicate mode: This mode used specialized fingers to gently extract and cut sprues on fragile products.
  • Powerful mode: This mode activated a stronger cutting mechanism for handling high-hardness materials.

The actual application is that after the product is removed by the EOAT, the collaborative robots will cut the less precise sprue while EOAT still holding the product. After the EOAT released the product at the cutting station, the sprue that needs more precise requirements will be cut at the station.

  • Collaborative robots for sprue cutting: For the delicate mode, the gripper worked in tandem with two robots in corporation, ensuring precise control and maneuverability during the cutting process.
  • Cutting stations for high-hardness products: For the powerful mode, the gripper seamlessly integrated with cutting stations, providing the necessary force for handling tougher materials.


  • Increased efficiency: By eliminating the need for separate grippers, Gimatic’s solution streamlined production and reduced changeover times.
  • Enhanced flexibility: The single gripper could adapt to various product types, offering greater production versatility.
  • Reduced costs: The need for additional grippers and their associated maintenance was eliminated, leading to significant cost savings.
  • Unwavering production stability: Gimatic’s reliable design and support ensured consistent performance throughout the production cycle.

Gimatic’s innovation demonstrates the power of a “same gripper, two different product” approach. By combining expertise in product innovation and customized design, Gimatic provides solutions that empower manufacturers to achieve new levels of efficiency and flexibility.