The customer requests EOAT with two cavities. One side of the plastic parts has to be rotated, clipped and checked on the EOAT during robot movement. Using a combination of linear, angular and other actuators, with the help of the 3D printing service it was possible to do the clipping and checking of the parts on the EOAT. Following Gimatic products are used on the EOAT; for gripping the parts OFR-G finger gripper, for linear movement OFB guided cylinders, for angular movement OFN tilt unit, for checking and gripping custom 3D printed parts are used on OFN tilt units. With Gimatic central 3D printer service, it is possible to track and replicate custom parts. This project has been possible with wide range of Gimatic components. Customer has reduced his process time by automatically picking plastic parts in meantime clipping and checking it on the EOAT during part transfer from mold to conveyor.