Steel sheet inserted plastic injection production

Picking the plastic part and placing small steel sheets have to be done from the moving side of the mold. Since both process will be done from the same side, firstly it was necessary to pick the molded part.

Gimatic one finger grippers and suction cups are used to pick up the product.​

Then for Inserting part, AGG centering grippers are used for compensating repeated positioning accuracy, Suction cups are used to pick up steel and dowel, to locate it into the mold. High precision sliders are used to insert the 6 steels into the mold at the same time by the cylinder with sensors. For In-mold monitor to keep checking on whether the insert steels are in right place.

6 inserts have to be located in 3 different movements. After the first metal insert is placed on the mold, EOAT has to move by slides, then place next 3 inserts, then move again and place the last 2 inserts. These movements were in right, left and down directions.

The realization of automatic insert and picking-up of this product requires the high coordination of EOAT, mold and robot, and requires high precision in XYZ direction, with certain compensation function. In this way, inserts must be located smoothly and stably in all directions and different parts.

This set of insert EOAT integrates all insert actions in the current market, which is a typical case of the most difficult insert Technology.