GIMATIC and MICROingranaggi

Robotics applications:

The coengineeering between MICROingranaggi and Gimatic’s technical office involved two solutions, two innovative products, which reached the highest levels of the technology and that integrate electric motors as well as gears positioned between the motor and the gripper.

The first product is an electric gripper fully compatible with collaborative robots.
It is a certified gripper for the pharmaceutical sector, which can also be used in other application contexts. The gripper has a long stroke and it is characterized by a wide opening of the fingers, which allows it to pick different objects, adapting to various needs.

The second product is an electric quick changer. It is an electric actuator that allows the robot to change the EOAT automatically by replacing it with one suitable for another type of application. It is the first electric actuator in the world for tool change, clean room certificated and certified for working with collaborative robots.

As happens for many of the projects followed by MICROingranaggi, it was a nice challenge that involved them from the earliest stages and that allowed them to move through unconventional solutions, such as the realization of some parts of the products used for Gimatic applications  combining steel and technopolymers.