Automatic loading and unloading for CNC Machine

What was the problem the customer was facing?

The customer needs to load and unload CNC machine automatically with a robot and electric grippers. The biggest challenge here was the space because of the limited workplace. They need a very compact solution.

What solution did we supply to the customer?

2 pieces MPTM2508 3-jaws electric grippers and 3D printed fingers with HNBR pads are the best solution for this application. Gimatic MPTM electric grippers are really compact and easy to install since it is a plug and play solution. Furthermore both of the grippers are wired directly on the robot wrist in order to avoid cables along the robot body. With Gimatic 3D printer, we create custom fingers but standard codes. With HNBR pads, the friction between gripped part and fingers is increased.

What benefits did we provide to the customer with our solution?

This plug and play gripper solution is cost effective comparing to standard electric grippers, no necessary programming and less wiring around the robot. With Gimatic traceable custom fingers, it is easy to duplicate fingers, order spare parts as a standard component. It is created a safe gripping with increased surface friction by HNBR pads.