The RFID identification module is the perfect example of Gimatic Industry 4.0 products.
This incredible device, used together with the End of Arm Tooling (EOAT), not only identifies the required instrument in an infallible way but also transfers data to the operator or directly to the robot.


Information about process monitoring, transmitted to the webservice platform, relate to the production batch, the part list, the delivery terms and the information for predictive maintenance. This means the device informs the user about the maintenance needs after a number of cycles in order to avoid malfunctions during the production process.

The system, which is mounted on the tool changer, consists of an RFID reader and a memory TAG. It allows to distinguish up to 255 different tools thanks to the binary coding via 8 digital 24 Vdc outputs.


It is possible to communicate with RFID using a smartphone: Gimatic developed an App, downloadable for free, that allows the user to check all the data of the EOAT quickly, easily and without the use of cables.