Solution for a mobile palletizing cell for the wine industry

Our customer INGETECH which developed a turnkey solution for a mobile palletizing cell for the wine industry. They needed a vacuum system which helps to move boxes up to 10 kg containing wine bottles. The vacuum system had to be designed to ensure a safe grip during movements compensating the leaks due to product porosity and the moments caused by its low center of gravity with respect to the base. The components needed to be compact and fit with the available space and to be as light as possible in order to leave the payload capacity of the robot for the handled products. GIMATIC provided the vacuum system with suction cups and a high flow vacuum generator. Ingetech Robotics, focused on the design and manufacture of compact palletizing cells, has found in GIMATIC a reliable and trustworthy technological partner that ensures continuous technical advice to provide you with the best solutions for your turnkey projects.