Car’s Front Face Bar

What was the problem the customer was facing?
The customer needs to pick the front face bar from the mold and needs to cut the sprues in an external cutting station. Since the plastic part is a decoration part of the car, it should be picked without any marking on the surface.

What solution did we supply to the customer?
Gimatic Czech used OFR20-95G grippers with HNBR pads on the EOAT. HNBR is the best material to use for picking high temperature parts without leaving mark on the surface. For cutting station, there are soft touch supports for fixing the part while cutting.
These customized supports are made by Gimatic 3M Machine Facilities and HNBR Pads are attached over for non marking touch.

What benefits did we provide to the customer with our solution?
Now plastic production and sprue cutting works automatically without any quality issue.