Multi-tasking EOAT to pick the parts, change the positions and change the distance of the parts

The customer needs to pick the parts from the mold, change their position by tilting them and change their interraxes. All these movements have to be done in the EOAT in a limited weight and limited thickness.

The plastic parts are picked by the vacuum via custom made plates. Custom made plates are made by Gimatic 3M facility which lets us having standard code. It is easy to replicate these custom parts by the standard codes.

And each part is rotated 90 degree by Gimatic OFN tilt units. A special long stroke guide system has designed for bringing the parts in requested distance.

With this EOAT, the plastic parts are picked from the mold, then they are directly placed in the box in requested format. The customer reduced the human resource, increased the speed of his process by automatically placing the parts in the correct order during the production.