This new project was born from the idea of ​​a dentist living in Piemonte (northwest Italy) who, thanks to his skills in robotics, decided to design an automatic machine that could meet the cleaning and sterilization needs of the working tools that are used in his field. Robota steR; the first automated system in the world for a complete sterilization process, from the transport of the surgical instrument to the return of the same packaged and sterilized.

It is a new company that focuses on a very ambitious project given the variability of the components to be handled and the activities that a single gripping tool must carry out, from the handling of the tray full of tools to the handling of the single tool with a large variability of masses, dimensions and center of gravity.

The idea of ​​using a Gimatic gripper derives from the evaluation of some fundamental aspects to make handling as lean as possible; such as mass, ease of use, stroke and robustness of the guides.

After careful analysis, the best solution has been identified in our Mechatronics catalog characterized by a PLUG & PLAY mechanism that allows the use of a gripper with a reasonable stroke (MPLM2535) as a unique gripping tool matching all the requests deriving from the application and yet significantly simplifying the programming task.

The goal was to have a single flexible gripper that could be used to manipulate tools, vertical grip empty trays or full loaded trays behaving like a fork relying exclusively on the robustness of its guides and with a simple ON / OFF command without hundreds of different opening, closing and force programs. All these combined features have allowed Gimatic to contribute to the creation of a new and ambitious project, Robota steR.