Overcoming the weight challenge with a customized gripping Solution

The Challenge: Lift a heavy weight, but keep the position firm and repeatable

A customer approached Gimatic with a unique challenge. It needed a solution to handle parts weighing up to 25 kg for polishing while maintaining accurate and repeatable positioning. This was a difficult combination, as the weight required a robust gripper, but the polishing process required gentle handling with consistent positioning.

Understanding the Client’s Needs

Our team took the time to understand the customer’s specific needs beyond just weight and repeatability requirements. We considered the size, shape, and material of the parts, the polishing process, and the operating environment. This in-depth understanding allowed us to customize a solution that would perfectly fit the application.

The customized solution:

Gimatic’s answer was the SX IP67 pneumatic parallel gripper, a powerful gripper known for its strength and durability. However, the standard version was not the end of the story. Gimatic went further by incorporating a 3-position PRO magnetic sensor into the gripper. This customized version not only provided the gripping force needed for heavy workpieces, but also enabled precise positioning and feedback during the polishing process, ensuring repeatability.

Gimatic’s customized solution proved to be a success:

The SX IP67 gripper with the integrated sensor met all the client’s requirements. The gripper’s strength handled the 25kg parts with ease, while the sensor ensured precise and repeatable positioning throughout the polishing process. This resulted in improved efficiency, reduced errors, and ultimately, a more successful polishing operation for the client.

This Success Story demonstrates Gimatic’s commitment to understanding customer needs and providing customized solutions. Our desire to go beyond the standard offering and develop a customized tool demonstrates our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction.