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Le risorse umane sono il vero valore aggiunto per un'azienda di successo come Gimatic. Di questo Gimatic ne è convinta e a conferma di ciò è costantemente alla ricerca di personale professionale e qualificato.

Per candidature prego inviare il proprio CV dettagliato .


Gimatrade France

Tech Co position

Please send your CV and Appointment letter to Vincent Bécart by e mail at




Gimatic Vertrieb

Gimatic Nordic

"Gimatic is looking for Sales Engineers for to develop ours sales in several regions and countries within our Nordic branch. 

Main target is to develop sales in designated area.

Work together with our customers for solution oriented sales in components for industrial- and robot automation.

If you have an interest in automation and like to work with our high tech products in a fast growing market contact us for further information